Jokes of the day

Posted: April 27, 2012 in coco jokes

Scientists are on the verge of inventing a male birth-control patch. Here’s how it works, you put on the patch and it reminds you to tell your girlfriend to take her birth-control pill.

When president Obama stopped at a diner yesterday, a young female college student accidentally spilled yoghurt on him. After hearing this Bill Clinton said: of course yoghurt, that’s what I should’ve said.

The dog whisper Cesar Millan is getting a divorce. Apparently his wife caught him whispering in their dog’s ear: guess what, you are not the only bitch in this house.

According to a new study that just came out, watching porn may shut down part of your brain, Specifically the part that tells you: you are at work and you should pull up your pants.

I went to see the avengers in my batman outfit, thought it’d be cool but it turned out batman is not in the movie. My avengers movie review: the worst batman movie ever.

An ultimate fighting champion has been banned after testing positive for marijuana. People thought he might be stoned when he entered the ring and said: what are we fighting for …(pause)… ultimately?

Chloe Kardashian is refusing to take a paternity test to determine if she’s actually a Kardashian. She said: I think my record of fame without talent speaks for itself.

A woman walked away from a car crash uninjured because of her 38-triple-k-breasts acted as air bags. The accident was caused when the other driver got distracted by a woman with 38-triple-k-breasts.

Yesterday Bill Clinton told the crowd: remember me, I’m the guy who gave you 4 surplus budgets. To this the crow replied: that’s not what we remember you for.

Facebook may change its account policy and allow kids under 13 to join. When they heard this Chinese officials said: great, now our workers will never get anything done.


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